Following Burke and Wills Across Australia

FBWAA-Cover-208x300One of the objectives set by the Commemoration Committee was to find a way to mark the track taken by the Victorian Exploring Expedition as they crossed the continent. The erection of a consistent set of physical markers proved impractical, especially as many of them would be inaccessible if they were actually on the track.

Dave Phoenix, President of the Burke and Wills Historical Society, walked across Australia following the route of Burke and Wills in 2008. The decision was made to encourage Dave to create a Touring Guide based on his historic trip. The Guide would be for those wanting to drive rather than walk, and would follow gazetted roads, travelling as close as possible to the explorer’s track.

In November 2011, Dave published Following Burke and Wills Across Victoria. Based on the success of this volume, CSIRO Publishing commissioned Following Burke and Wills Across Australia. The book was completed in 2015, and released on 1 June.